Friday, October 02, 2009

Forget the BEEF, where's the BLING?

I got my order from "BuyCostumes" yesterday, and I'm actually a little annoyed. It came quickly, but they crammed stuff in the box willy-nilly and without great padding - look at my poor crown with all the missing jewels! One was floating around the box loose, but another one was nowhere to be found - so clearly they sent me a defective product then continued to damage it with poor packaging.

Luckily that doesn't matter for my circumstances, since I was planning to lob off all the jewels anyways and replace them with heart shaped ones, but I'd imagine if you had to deal with complaints and returns it could be a real hassle. And now that I know these crowns are available at Party City for even better prices, I'd just go there and save the shipping cost + risk.

But as far as costumes & wigs & props, it seems as good of place as any - as I mentioned, they shipped quickly and their prices are competitive. Right now they have a shipping special for just $0.99 if you spend a certain amount, and they have a million costumes to choose from.

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