Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Blacklight Experiments, Continued...

I've mentioned before that I'm a black light rookie, and so it's been a little bit of a struggle to get my tea party/bar area together, but I'm starting to make progress.

I talked before about the glow in the dark skeletons from the Dollar Tree a few years back (which don't glow in the dark, but do apparently glow under black light) and the Tulip black light paint I used on my "Mad Tea Party" letters, but do you know what really glows best of all?

Plain white paper.
It's gorgeous.

So I've made a few adjustments, namely printing black & white quotes from the tea party scene in my favorite Beyond Wonderland font, which look awesome - I think I need a few more. And I covered the top of our built-in bar with a roll of white paper. I taped it on with painter's tape underneath the visible area, so it comes off easily, and I'm planning to get some clear tablecloths to waterproof it, assuming that doesn't kill the glow. The white paper puts off so much light you should be able to read the liquor bottles clearly, and even though my giant tea cup doesn't glow it should still be visible on the white background.

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