Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Wonderland Costume Round Up: Etsy Finds!

Loooooooooving hearing everyone's costume adventures! I'm so proud of all my friends starting early, and I think it's clear we'll be a well dressed bunch :) Most of you are actually ahead of me - my costume is currently an ill-fitting skirt, an uncut pattern, and a couple bolts of fabric - YIKES! Better get a move on! Luckily Ryan arrives next week to save the day :)

If you still haven't found something, don't fear - you still have 23 days :) And if you still need some help or inspiration, here's a round up of amazing items from ETSY to inspire you. Etsy is an online commerce site for artists and crafters selling homemade wares, so you know when you buy from etsy you are supporting small business. The items are often one of a kind, so if any of these links are sold out, click to see what else is in the seller's store - or you can often commission a custom piece made to your specifications. I <3 etsy and have found TONS of amazing things there.

These awesome blood dripping chokers are from VonErickson's etsy shop, he makes a variety of chokers and bracelets resembling blood and/or stitches - perfect for victims of the Queen of Heart's, no? Prices range from $13-16.

Now here's a beautiful classy traditional Alice costume, custom made for your measurements - but you'd better hurry, requires 3 weeks notice. $139.99 from boutiquenrfny.

Top it off with this simple black bow headband, fits "toddlers to adults", $8 from 3littleprincesstutus.

If you already have a blue dress, maybe you just need the simple white apron - here's one that you could use for many baking or costume adventures, $22 from promises2keep.

What a hauntingly cool white rabbit mask! This is made from leather, it's really a work of art. $69 from TomBanwell. I'm also in love with his cut out black bird mask - AMAZING!

Here's a cool feminine take on the Mad Hatter, a mini glitter top hat fascinator. Definitely stands out from the over sized hats the costume shops carry. $35 ready to ship from joeireedhats.

Here's a perfect accessory set for the Cheshire Cat (which I haven't heard anyone say they are coming as yet! I thought this would be super popular) a little spendy at $35, but it's just the right colors and custom made for you from wisemom.

This bird mask actually looks a lot like the costumes in the 1985 Alice I watched the other day - could be a fine Dodo bird. $35 from Mattzilla.

This fun unicorn hat is available in several colors from brandybee - and it's only $15!! What a deal, so cool! She also has a white rabbit hat for the same price.

Once again, hope that helps - can't wait to see what everyone comes up with !

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