Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Raising the Bar

I don't venture out to the liquor store often, but when I do I make a splash. Last night I made a FULL ON HUMONGOUS BELLY FLOP SPLASH, one that is still radiating the area of my wallet.

I think for future parties I should try to collect liquor slowly throughout the year to avoid this type of sticker shock.

But enough with the wallowing, on to the celebration! Here's what I got:

I thought long and hard and in the end went with pre-mix for my primary "tea." Since I don't generally drink Long Islands and my experience with them has been mixed, I didn't trust myself to spend hundreds on all the ingredients and concoct something awful. I'm guessing that this will at least be drinkable :) At least I hope so, since I got 5.25 liters of it! Should fill my punch bowl nicely :)

This "tea" also caught my eye, I'm not huge on vodka but I couldn't resist something so perfect for my theme. I'm not sure how to serve it - maybe mix with lemonade in a sexed-up Arnie Palmer?

I thought gin & tonics would be fun, especially since tonic reacts under black light. The quinine makes it glow, and since my whole "tea party" is under black light, I couldn't resist! Even though I could never personally drink gin :)

I have a few friends who I know enjoy "blue drinks" and something called "zombie" seemed destined for my party. I haven't the foggiest how it tastes, but Bacardi is usually a safe bet for me and hell, it's pretty!

A little classic Captain, just basic bar building.

I don't generally like vodka, but Absolut Mandarin & Cranberry juice is AMAZING. We went through a whole bottle at Al's bachelorette party, so I figured this was a good bet to grab again.

This was another bar builder - I have never even tried it, but I sure served a lot of 7 & 7's when I was bartending, so someone must like them.

Can you tell I'm big on ready to drink beverages? I thought this one was pretty, UV Cherry Lemonade. Mmm.

I snapped up a "party pack" of varied Smirnoff Twist malt bevs to add some variety.

And finally, a case of hubby's favorite beer!

A friend who brews his own beer has also offered to bring a keg, which is awesome, and we have a lot of schnapps left over from the shot luge last year - hopefully that will be enough, because my budget is drying up FAST!

10 Days - EEK!

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