Thursday, October 08, 2009

Cutting the Cord...

I've held on to our home phone for a long time, but I can't really remember the last time we got a "real" call on it. We do get a ton of solicitations, and calls from some ancient Ukrainian woman who constantly miss dials, but nothing we actually want to be bothered with. We're just not phone people - we do have pay as you go cells now (acquired within the past 3 years only) and though I love wireless Internet, I'm really sick of paying Qwest almost $70 a month. Their customer service is CRAP, the signal goes down all the time, and once they even crossed our wires so we were getting someone else's calls for DAYS (and who knows who was getting ours).

So today I called and found out my wireless contract is up on January 25th, and at that time I'll probably cancel.

An interesting side note, last time we had trouble I went to the mattresses battling with the customer service folks on how long my service was out and what to credit me for - and I actually LOST. They just flat out refused to give me credit for the whole time it was down, not to mention all the hours spent on the phone trying to fix it. Repeatedly. But when I called this time to get my "freedom" date and mentioned I'd be leaving at the end, they were more than happy to offer me credits and reparations.

I should have said yes, but honestly - I'm not even wasting the time with them anymore. Suck it, Qwest. I'd much rather pay the coffee shop around the corner for internet service than you (even if they are paying you...whatever).

So now the search is on for a possible wireless internet service provider...First stop was Dish, since we have their satellite TV - but they just go through Qwest! D'oh! Any other bright ideas? MiFi?

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Brooke said...

Rob suggests Comcast, which is what we have. Pretty reliable, I don't think we've had more than a couple outages in the last four years.