Friday, October 02, 2009

Gettin' down to business...

I've made some major steps towards my holiday craft fairs, and now all my VistaPrint items have arrived! I've talked about them before, VistaPrint is a good source for cheap custom business cards, post cards, and now even banners!

I wait until I get the "free" coupon, and then I only pay for shipping - so each of these banners (ordered separately) were like $6! It was $6 more for two sets of heavy duty hanging tabs, and I'm glad I got those also. The lighting is bad in my photo, but I like how they turned out!

I think I'm going to hang these on the front of my table side by side, and if I ever do a bigger outdoor show I'll hang them from my tent frame.

Then in another separate order, I got matching business cards/price tags!

I plan to put one of these on each mosaic, then I've somewhat covered my liability with the warning (even with careful grouting, there's always a sharp edge somewhere) and put my contact info on, and I plan to write prices in the blank center space. So far I'm pretty happy with all of it! It's bright, cheery, and clean. I can use any color table cloth and shelves - right now I think I'm going with white & silver tablecloth (because I have it lying around) and silver shelves (to add more layers so I can display more work). Now all I've got to do is crank out more inventory!

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