Monday, October 19, 2009


I also got a good start yesterday on my goodie bags! They're actually goodie boxes this year, and I'm running with the "eat me" sweets theme. I picked up 40 long white pastry boxes at Lynn's Cake & Candy Supply for $0.45 each, and yesterday I bent and folded and taped them all together.

Then I cut 40 pieces of red foil to line the boxes, I love the contrast on the white and I think it'll help keep all the treats less messy.

Can you see the little clear box inside? I also folded 40 of those, they will hold some special little chocolates I believe, assuming I get everything done :)

I chose the long boxes to accommodate chocolate dipped pretzel rods, which I love, so I'll probably be cranking out a few hundred of those, probably my famous cupcakes and hopefully also peanut butter balls, which are to die for.

I have a special trinket to tie on the outside, and lots of ideas for decorating the boxes - stay tuned :)

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