Monday, October 26, 2009

Challenge: Horror Cakes

I love the "Challenge" series on Food Network. They usually center around cake or sugar artists creating huge extreme works of edible art on a theme ranging from baby showers to Christmas. Last night I was OVERJOYED to see the episode titled "HORROR CAKES" - is that not right up my alley?

I watched it in my favorite way - on DVR, so I could buzz through the commercials and all the "coming up next" repetitive nonsense, and I absolutely fell in love with the cake that The White Flower Cake Shoppe created:

Evil killer cupcakes and donuts, and a zombie wedding cake?!?!? I'm in love!!!

The little cupcakes and donutes actually moved too.

Sadly, the judges were against them from the start, they kept saying the cake was too "Dr. Seuss" and "not really horror" which I'm irritated at. Who said Horror = Gore? and who wants to eat a gory cake anyways? I thought White Flower did an amazing job actually making their characters fairly scary, while still appetizing and really well crafted.

In the end a grim reaper riding a chopper won, which is appalling - they admitted it wasn't enough cake to fulfill the rules AND you could see the metal armatures, both violations should have DQ'd the entry let alone kept it from winning.

Miscarriage of justice.

End rant.

If you're lucky enough to live in Ohio, they're selling evil monster cupcakes this week in honor of the show - wish I were close enough to nab one! They also have a blog here.


Alison said...

The world is unfair and unjust. It is best to learn this lesson early in life. :)

Don & Laurie said...

Just watched on DVR, as well, and could not agree with you more. The Grim Reaper was a mere Halloween decoration but the horror bakery was a great story. And the evil cupcakes were killer.