Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Wonderland Notecards by Quotable Notables

My mother in law gave me these cards a few YEARS ago, but I just got around to opening them while planning this party, and boy was I surprised - the package doesn't do them justice, the cards inside are ADORABLE!

They are full color reproductions of the original Tenniel woodcut illustrations on glossy heavy cardstock - they really just "pop". They're made by the "Unemployed Philosopher's Guild" and they still sell them in their online store here for $12.95. That comes with 8 cards - two each of growing Alice, White Rabbit, Mad Hatter, and Queen of Hearts - plus envelopes. THEN they ALSO come with a couple sheets of stickers with quotes and such from the books! Appears that the cards are also available for purchase individually.

You could do a puppet show with these guys, they're so pretty!


Brooke said...

OK, now I have this image of you actually doing a puppet show in your craft room, voices and all. :-)

HeatherEve said...

Even better - I'm at work :)