Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Puffs Plus = reason to live

I got somewhere between little and no sleep last night, waking up every few minutes to blow my nose. Even the husband who sleeps through everything started getting ornery about it. And here's an exciting little anecdote about yours truly: I hate to blow my nose. Seriously. My dad is the same way. All my life blowing my nose has completely grossed me out, and I've just avoided it as much as possible. So for me to blow my nose at all is a big deal. For me to blow it 7,000 times is nearly unbearable. Yes, I know I'm weak. I've accepted it. Small things bother me just as much if not more than big stuff.

By the way, my mother & brother have no problem with nose blowing - they both could be confused for foghorns some mornings during cold or allergy season. But I digress...

I briefly considered photographing the Kleenex sculpture I found on my nightstand this morning, but since I awkwardly woke up before sunrise I thought the hubs would kill me. I did stagger out of bed to finally take a bath, wash my hair, and brush my teeth, which is quite an accomplishment. That actually made me feel slightly better, so while hubby jumped in the shower I decided to make a break for Walgreens and pick up some Nyquil (the good stuff from behind the counter), Dayquil, OJ, 7up, and the piece d'resistance: Puffs with lotion.

I'm not a religious woman, but I half believe these things are a miracle. Hopefully I can quell the Rudolph nose I'm growing before it gets scabby, and a 3 ply tissue is perfect (I feel a 2 ply needs to be doubled to avoid catastrophe). Ahhh, just knowing I have them feels better.

Anyways, I know this is super interesting, but it shows I might be slightly on the mend! I think I still have a ways to go before I'll be back to work or hanging out in public, but if I can feel good enough to get some crafts and house projects done while I'm home that would be great - and I'll keep you posted :)

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