Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Tuesday's Accomplishments:

Well, I mostly kept up my crafty domination yesterday, though hubby and I took a break for burgers and milkshakes, which I really needed. I accomplished all of the tasks I had blocked out on my list for the evening, which is good, though I just didn't quite feel like everything came together the way I wanted it to. I have some perfectionistic tendencies (no, really?) so it's hard for me to scale back or settle, but with just 3 days to go now, that's going to have to be good enough.

I don't have photos, because I'm not ready to expose all these things yet, but here's what I accomplished:

-more spraypainting on the "looking glass" archway
-added text to the upper curve of the archway, outlined in glow-in-the-dark paint
-hung my "Cheshire Cat" stripes & words in the basement
-hung 3 sets of purple lights in the Cheshire Cat area
-washed a load of blankets (I'm anticipating a few overnight guests, so we're shoring up all our resources)
-painted a bunch of little wooden signs with a base coat of white
-went to Michaels, forgot the one thing I went there for but got a few other supplies
-ate a banana-fudge milkshake and bacon cheeseburger
-went to bed early

I could have accomplished more if I had more energy, but I'm still on track - and I actually feel pretty good this morning! I made it out of the house early, stopped at a gas station for Vitaminwater & a lotto ticket (I can dream) and still got to work on time.

Up tonight:
-final coat of spraypaint (hopefully)on archway - attach header & the foil curtain "mirror" center, sides - and DONE (hopefully)
-bake the Queen's Stolen Tarts

Since the cookies involve mixing, rolling, cutting, and baking, I'll be happy just to get that part done this evening. It's hard to judge how long a "normal" sized batch will take, since the only other time I baked them I did more than 12 dozen :) I'll wait to stack & fill them until I'm sure they're completely cool, maybe tomorrow. Which will be Thursday. Which is only 2 days before Halloween. EEK!

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