Monday, October 26, 2009

Oh my aching...everything...

Today I have a baking hangover - sore shoulders, back, and feet from standing at the stove for hours on end, and I forgot to put my wedding ring back on after mixing the peanut butter balls (it's a hands-on job). I'm also pretty tired blended with pretty panicked, so there's a strange bi-polar element to everything I'm doing. Will I get everything done I wanted to before the party? No. I know that. I never do. I get some crazy ideas and end up running out of time/money/energy and something has to give. Rarely would guests notice, but I always feel a little defeated.

So this year I've started earlier than ever before, and hopefully that counts for something. So far my outdoor plans haven't been working out, but inside the house is more than 1/2 decorated. The living room, dining room, hallway and kitchen are done, the bar area is 75% finished, and I just have the bathrooms & TV area to decorate still. Then this week is all about cooking, cleaning, and hiding junk in closets :) One of the best parts about Halloween? Nobody can judge you on your cobwebs - I'll claim I put them out just for the festivities :)

Next up on my list is to pick up more chocolate and crank out the dipped pretzel rods for the goodie boxes, and finish the candy chess pieces. Since the pretzels are the largest, they have to go into the boxes first - the sooner I finish all that, the sooner I can tie all the bows and add the final embellishments to the packages. They're going to look something like this on the outside.

I have a feeling this week will just FLY by...

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