Thursday, December 10, 2009

More Heritage Makers Goodies - bracelet

Here's another fun Heritage Makers project from the big order I received on Tuesday, and this one is just for me!

It's a 6-charm photo bracelet! I think it turned out pretty cute. I used photos from our first anniversary shoot with Olivia, that was such a pretty summery day and there is a great green color running through the backgrounds that is bright and fun. Now that I've taken down the large prints from that shoot (replaced with our new ones)I still wanted a way to showcase the great images from that day, and this is perfect! I also wear a lot of green, so it fits in with my wardrobe :)

I'll be honest and say I wish it were a higher quality - sterling silver, or at least water proof would be nice. It is neither. These run about $50 so I was surprised that the separator beads were just plastic, but I went ahead and ordered it anyways. I like the size, the photos are big enough to see but not too chunky to wear.

At first I wasn't sure if I'd like that it was stretchy, but I find that I really do - it doesn't twist and fall as much as a chain would, and it's pretty comfortable. Mine is the 7 inch, but you can make 7.5 inch for the same price if you need to.

If you are interested in making one of your own, feel free to contact me - right now there is a special if you want to purchase a credit for one bracelet + one single pendant necklace for $49.95, or a bracelet + 3 pendant necklace for $79.95. Credits are good for 1 year, and you can use them separately or give them as gifts. Visit my Heritage Makers site to sign up for a free account and start playing around.

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