Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Prizes #2 & 3 - more fun toys!

Time for another installment of "what I did with my amazing Amazon giftcard prize!" Time to move on to the most fun parts - the ones I got MYSELF! Here's something I've been wanting for quite some time, especially since I drive to strange high schools all over the state, have zero natural sense of direction, and get easily perplexed & have no ability to cope when my mapquested route ends up unavailable due to the constant Minnesota road construction: A GPS unit!

I went with the Garmin, the same version we gifted my father-in-law last year. And, of course, I needed a super cute little case. The only thing is that in retrospect it would be better to have a case that can fit the mount and cord too, since I don't have a great place to leave them in my car. Oh well. The one I got is by "case logic" and just fits the display. It's fine, but if I had to do it over again I would have gotten something bigger.

And the GPS is so much fun! Of course I had to try it out immediately, and it wanted to take me a crazy backwards way to work that I just couldn't abide. But the next night it helped me find a friend's new house, even when I couldn't take it's first route due to a huge accident - sure, it gets a little panicky shouting "RECALCULATING" but then BOOM! it comes up with a new route! LOVE THAT!

By the way, I'm not leaving it on the window there - it's actually handy to see, but the cord is a problem, and I promptly knocked it off when I drove into my parking facility (forgot that lowering the window wouldn't work...yeah, I'm on auto pilot in the mornings!) my dash isn't flat enough, and I think it's illegal to have it on the windshield in MN, so lately it's just been lying on the parking break - and since it talks to me, that works pretty well!

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