Monday, December 07, 2009

Prize #7 - Baby, it's cold outside...

It sounds like I'd better hurry up and get this package opened before tomorrow, when I just might have an action shot for you (6"-12" of snow? I'm so not ready...warm fall, you've spoiled me...)

Here's our new handy-dandy Toro power shovel! This was my one "responsible" purchase with my whole gift card, and it was practically the cheapest one :)

We have a relatively small yard and not a ton of shoveling to do, but there is a logistical problem with piling the snow. In the back of the house we have a little driveway off of the alley, maybe 15' x 10'. It's not too bad to clear, but the problem comes in having to lift each full shovel 3' in the air to dump it over our fence (the only place we can pile it safely/legally/on our own property). That'll kill your back MIGHTY FAST.

Enter Toro Power Shovel!

This little guy is like a mini snowblower on a stick - it sounds PERFECT for our situation. It'll propel all of our pesky snow up and over the fence with ease. It had great reviews and I'm really optimistic. It's electric, which should be easy enough since we have lots of outlets on the garage and several long extension cords. It's fairly light weight, and I should be able to manage it on my own (as opposed to "real" snowblowers, which I often have trouble starting and turning).

I'm perfectly happy we got to wait so long to use this, and I'll gladly wait a few weeks more, but it's really nice to know that if we need it, this little puppy will really help!

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