Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Seriously, who says "snowmageddon?"

We're apparently expecting the sky to fall over the remainder of the week her in the Twin Cities, with snowfall estimates running anywhere from 2 inches to 2 feet. is calling it the "Holiday Snowmageddon." Seriously, who can say that with a straight face?!?! It's just snow people! I remember getting 2'+ snowfalls all the time when I was a kid, we'd have it plowed up so high in the yards you couldn't see around corners at intersections, and when my parents were young that apparently happened all the time. Nobody panicked the way we do now. Sigh.

So one Xmas celebration has already been moved, and against my better judgement I will have to head to the grocery store sometime today to grab a few "just in case" necessities - we were looking forward to gorging ourselves at various relatives' homes, and therefore have ZERO food in our own house! I seriously considered chancing it and weighed starving vs. dealing with the crowds at Cub, and only slightly chose to face the crowds. I'm still planning on baking my desserts tonight & tomorrow in anticipation of being able to make it to our destinations, and I'm definitely hoping this is all a bunch of hoopla over nothing.

I just spent 27 minutes in line at the grocery store. Not shopping, that was just the time I spent IN LINE waiting to check out! SERIOUS mess in our little Rainbow Foods, the lines were a total clusterf!@# and snaked halfway through the store. So far people were taking it pretty well though, including me, which I count as my good deed for the day since my natural inclination would have been to hate them all. Also, updated their story title to "Snowpocalypse." I can't make this stuff up. But apparently "journalists" can. And yes, mom, I'll got the pop for Christmas Eve. And wine coolers. Because I have my priorities. :)

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