Monday, December 07, 2009

More Mosaics to Showcase

It occurs to me in going through my re-caps that I never showed you all my latest large mosaics - I finished them last week, and I think they are both really lovely. They're around 18" x 24" with D-ring hangers and come with all of the mounting hardware you need to hang them (ALL of it! You don't even need nails!).

Here's #1, in shades of green with the "biscuit" grout - it's sort of a taupe or sand color, still very light. It reminds me of a turtle, and could even be a good holiday decoration:

These are all finished around all 4 edges as well, with tiny little bars of glass I painstakingly cut and applied before grouting.

This red one is done with the non-sanded polymer grout, and it has a really cool "smooth" effect - hard to explain, but sort of like toothpaste :)

It's very white and that really makes the red pop - sadly, the red glass just never photographs well, but in person this reminds me of peppermint candy :) And you will notice I love using mirror pieces as part of the design as well, I think it has a cool effect.

Both of these are still available, $70 tax inclusive :)

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