Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Saying Goodbye

I have lots of stories and photos to share, but unfortunately it's been a busy couple of days. Hubby's grandmother is in hospice care, so he's been spending most of his time there with the rest of the family. She's on a morphine drip and moved to an end of life room. I had to work today but spent a couple hours going through photos, and pulling out some great memories of her. A couple months back I scanned in a bunch of historic photos that just amaze me:

That photo is over 70 years old, can you believe it? And how about this one of her "Mammy" who essentially raised her:

Isn't that amazing? Grandpa was reminiscing about Grandma this week and remarked how awe-inspiring it was that she grew up in the segregated south, and just voted for the first black president. What a lifetime.

Gloria, I wish you peace and love. You are in our hearts forver.

***UPDATE: Gloria passed on about 8:30am Wednesday, surrounded by her husband, all of her children, and many of her grandchildren. Goodbye, Gloria.

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