Monday, December 21, 2009

Leprechaun Triathalon

I'm in absolute love with these Garmin commercials. I've watched them 10 times today and it still hasn't gotten old:

Squirrel Version

One for a Knight, off to a fight
Go slay a dragon in a station wagon
No time to lose, free traffic news
Trouble ahead, this way instead
For a leprechaun triathalon
Sight to behold, go for the gold
One for a Yeti, hikes with a teddy
Photo mark the site, come back tonight
One for a Scot, lines up a shot
Swing for the pin
Tiny mandolin
Give a give a give a
Give a garmin
Give a give a give a
Give a garmin

Nutcracker Version


Turn off the light, closed for the night.
Go hit the town, real scary clown.
Boots to the gas, on over pass.
Nuvi on its perch, Google local search.
Find the cafe, opened yesterday.
There on the right, go grab a bite.
Local event, curling tournament.
Sweep til it burns, follow the turns.
Back to the store, a fuel efficent route.
Yikes there's the clown, on a round-a-bout.
Give a, Give a, Give a, Give a Garmin
Find local trips, at Finger tips.
Garmin (dot) com
Garmin (dot) com

1 comment:

Alison said...

Ok... I love the nutcracker one even more.