Friday, December 25, 2009

More Craftastic Christmas Gifts - The Newlywed's Canvas

It is truly the technological age when my sister opens her gift halfway across the country and I get to watch via Skype :) Well, sorta watch. The connection on her end was a little fuzzy, so it could have been sock puppets for all we know, but we could hear them okay. And it was a good thing she opened it when she did, or she might have missed the gift card and Christmas ornament floating amongst the packing peanuts! But the "main event" was this beautiful canvas photo, gallery wrapped and ready to hang, that I made for her through Heritage Makers:

Isn't that GORGEOUS?!?!? It doesn't hurt that they're both statuesque and my sister is practically a model, so the photo was really great, but the canvas texture and gloss just really make everything pop and I'm so happy with how it came out. It was my first time making a canvas through them, and the quality is just outstanding.

I added their names and wedding date in red to match her lipstick and rose, and it all came out really pretty. It's definitely one of my favorite creative gifts that I've ever given, and I'm so glad it arrived safely.

Hey sis & my new bro-in-law, Merry Christmas and I hope you love it!

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