Thursday, December 17, 2009

Pretty In Pink

We went through two bottles of this last night in no time flat:

So yummy, and who doesn't like a pretty pink champagne? "Raspberry Sparkletini" - back by popular demand, after last year's cookie exchange appearance. I've also seen (but not tried) green apple. Found it at the Northtown MGM Liquor Warehouse, but not the Roseville MGM. Strange but true.

This tastes and looks a little more upscale than the pink Andre I usually grab in the $3 section of the liquor store. It has an easy twist off top, which takes some of the fun out of champagne, but also takes out the mess. I served mine in the Pottery barn decades champagne flutes I've had since college. Yes, I had stemware and dessert plates while I still lived in a dorm. My priorities are all confused. :)

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