Thursday, December 24, 2009

Pretty Packages Tied With A Bow...

It's a White Christmas for sure, but I'm really hoping we can still fight through the weather and make it up to my parents' for Christmas Eve. I'm so anxious to give my gifts this year, and to finally be able to blog about them!

My sister's gift is set to arrive at her home today (according to FedEx, fingers crossed!), which is absolutely perfect since we all know she has no patience and cannot possibly receive a package without opening it immediately. All throughout our childhood she was the one who would secretly open and then re-wrap gifts because she can't abide a surprise. So I can probably share the AWESOME gift I got her by tomorrow for sure :)

I'm also excited to use my new camera for an actual event! Woot woot!

I am not even slightly looking forward to shovelling six times in the next three days, ugh and drat! at least I can sleep in every day :)

Happy holidays everyone! Safe travels too.

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