Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Heather's Mailbag - Fluff to cheer us all up :)

Few things seem to cheer me up as well as packages and mail. I just love finding surprises on my doorstep, and there have been LOTS of them recently - that's right, my Amazon purchases have arrived! This prize has single-handedly propelled my technological IQ forward about 20 years. That means I might be close to entering the year 2010 with the same technology skills as today's fifth graders :)

But on to the fun!

I had originally planned to spend the entire prize all on myself, selfishly and greedily and deliciously revelling in all the toys - Happy Birthday to Me, right? :) But as I wrote and re-wrote my wish lists, I found that I had plenty and knew there was one thing that would REALLY make my husband's day: A Kindle.

Hubby is a voracious reader, I'd be willing to bet 25% of his income is dedicated to reading. He keeps lists on a million tiny pieces of paper of all the books he wants to pick up, and our entire basement is lined with bookshelves. A Kindle was right up his alley. And he was as excited as a new puppy for it to come.

When the boxes arrived, he called me at work to ask if he could open them. When I refused (hey! This is my prize!) he was crestfallen. Then when I finally got home and opened them, I didn't even see the kindle and told him it wasn't in this shipment! But it really was, just tiny and flat and packed in the bottom of the package:

Amazon has "no hassle" packaging, which was definitely nicer than the plastic formed stuff you fight with and get cut on, but I have to admit it took us 10 minutes to figure out how this box opened. And I'm keeping it a secret so you know what I mean if any of you ever get one. It's like a magic trick.

The story begins...

I was super impressed with the design - they are so thin and light, but not too tiny to read on (I couldn't deal with reading on an iphone or the like). Here's someone else's photo to show you the scale:

Of course he had already done all the pre-research and had it up and running in moments - a pretty cool contraption. You can download books anytime, anywhere, without a computer. It can store about 1500 books, and also receives newspaper and magazine subscriptions. The reading surface is NOT backlit, so it doesn't eat up battery life or strain your eyes - it's really similar to reading a book, and nearly the same page size as a mass market paperback. There's even a function with many books to have it READ TO YOU! How awesome is that? You can read when you're free, or have it read to you when you need to drive, cook, whatever.

I'd suffice it to say that prize #1 was a huge hit - hubby even let me take a photo, which he NEVER agrees to easily:

I still have a few bucks left on my gift card, and I'm sort of considering one of these for myself. Vampire novels at my fingertips? How intriguing :)

That's just item #1 of 7, so I'll be back soon with more fun prize talk :)

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