Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Like it's 1999 again...

My parent's named me "Heather Eve" because I had the poor sense to be born on New Year's Eve. I won't whine too terribly long about how annoying it is to try and get a restaurant reservation or how everyone has a holiday hangover this time of year, but since I'm hitting the big 3-0 tomorrow, what better time to reflect on what the past decade has brought me than the eve of the eve?

This is actually kind of fun, going back through my photos and major events. Ten years ago this week I was in Disneyworld with my family. We spent Y2K at Disney's MGM Studios watching Cheap Trick and O-Town, drinking champagne and swing dancing at the Copa Cabana. Some people thought the world would end that night. You could still bring toothpaste, lighters, and pocket knives on an airplane.

The rest of my 20's brought:

- Meeting & marrying my husband

- Renting my first apartment, second apartment, moving away, moving back, renting a duplex, renting a house, finally purchasing a home of our own.

- Changing majors, changing schools, taking some time off, and eventually going back to the first school. Finishing a BA.


- Travelling to Ft. Lauderdale, Washington DC (twice), New York (3X), and back to Disney

- Waitressing, catering, and retail work, finally getting a "real" job, seeing the aftermath when the 35W Bridge fell down outside my office window

- Making new friends, losing old friends, re-connecting with lost friends...starting the Halloween Party tradition.

- Walking 60 miles to fight breast cancer. Then 60 more. Ending up with skin cancer. D'oh. Getting it chopped out. Getting bangs to cover the scar. Hating them. Growing the bangs out.

- Getting a little color. Getting a little ink.

- Starting a blog. Starting a bucket list. Crossing things off of the bucket list.

Hellos, goodbyes, sickness and health - all this, and so much more, in just 10 years. I'm heading out soon for my free birthday meal at Noodles & Co. (they have the best B-day deal, though I also have coupons from Melting Pot, Timberlodge, Campus Pizza, and Famous Daves. Could be a tasty week!). Tomorrow I'm ringing in the new year (and the 3-0) with an AMAZING dinner (details forthcoming) and a cocktail party with friends. Not a bad way to end 29. Or 2009. What did the past decade bring you? What will the next one hold? If you post a similar list on your blog, leave the link in my comments.

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