Friday, December 04, 2009

Heather's Mailbag: Mosaic Stands!

Prizes aren't the only packages I've been receiving lately, I've actually been on a big of a buying spree too. Mostly it's holiday gifts, but these three HUGE boxes (4' X 3' at least) were the stands I ordered for my mosaic sales! I was a little annoyed that the online tracking showed they had been in Minneapolis since THURSDAY but didn't get delivered until the next week, but at lest the guy carried them all around to the back door. Hubby actually had to dig through the barricade to get in that day!

Here's what they looked like on the website, a bit more ornate than I would have chosen but the price was right (EXTREME CLOSE OUT! - I guess that means on sale).

They were okay to put together, the instructions were ridiculously unhelpful, but I figured it out - eventually.

Unfortunately, while putting them in the car this morning I snapped off the support piece on one of them- DANGIT! It shouldn't show when the stand is in use if I just duct tape it, and I'm hoping my dad can help me solder or weld it back on.

Set up is tonight, wish me luck tomorrow! Things have worked out so that I will be there both days, and I'd love to see some familiar faces. I have some beautiful new wall mirrors done too, you should come take them off my hands before the holidays :)

Here's a poorly lit shot of the stands in my living room during my practice set up. My mirrors are actually slightly larger than the white rabbit print shown there, so I think they'll look pretty nice.

Happy Friday Everyone!

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