Saturday, December 26, 2009

Craft: The Gift that Keeps on Giving

Momma and Papa Craftastic really came through with some wild gifts this year, which are sure to lead to numerous future posts and hours of crafty fun:

That's me with my brand new portable workbench and scroll saw! I knew something unusual was in order when the first gift I opened, this little beauty:

held safety goggles and particulate masks :)

It's doubly amazing because my parents both cringe every time I pick up a knife (such as when I was cutting brownies Christmas Eve - they actually took it away from me and dad cut them instead!), so encouraging me to use a saw probably took some consideration :) I did once slice open two fingers with a very sharp knife while working an Easter buffet. Six stitches and a few fainting spells later, I feel like I'm a more careful cutter (it was brownies then too, come to think of it!) but apparently my parents disagree. I've been told I'm only allowed to use it when someone is home to "supervise" me. Have I mentioned lately that I'm less than a week from 30 years old?!?!? Ha ha. But of course, mom and dad, I'll be sure to have a chaperone ;)

I'm excited about the possibilities this creates - I'm thinking of doing some wild shaped mosaics, maybe trying something like this. And Halloween is certain to bring lots of uses, I'm thinking I'll finally try to make that coffin I've been wanting to try, and maybe some decorative signs & other pieces.

Hope Santa was good to ya' all too :)

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