Friday, December 25, 2009

Nestled all snug in my bed...

My family really likes the movie "A Christmas Story." So much, in fact, I gave my parents a leg lamp for their anniversary one year. A "real" leg lamp:

They keep it up year round, and put it up in the front window for a few Christmasses. So this should come as NO surprise :) Remember when Ralphie's mom makes him put on the bunny suit his deranged relative sends for Christmas?

Well, look what my parents bought me:

It's actually super cute, and very warm. My feet are now nice and snuggly :)

I'm thoroughly exhausted from all the shovelling and white knuckle travel, so I'm hunkered down early and plan to hit the hay shortly. I hope everyone had a safe & happy holiday. Ours is actually stretching out two more days with weather changing the schedule a bit, but it's been great so far. Merry everything!

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Alison said...

Love them!