Thursday, December 10, 2009

Mighty Mention

Oh my goodness, I just noticed that I got a mention on Maggie's Mighty Girl Blog back on November 30th! She had asked for submissions of your bucketlist (though she calls it a "Mighty Life List") and I guess she must have read mine. She's featuring a single item from a bunch of different people, I'm under the 2nd photo here - I'll let you go there to see which of my dreams she found noteworthy.

Maggie seems like a pretty hip chick, doing such amazing things as swimming with glowing plankton and hosting a cool whip fight, but we could never be friends because I'm too jealous of her Intel project where they "sponsored" her bucket list achievements - how amazing is that? Also, I think she lives in San Francisco, and she wears fancy shoes, so it would just never work out.

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