Monday, December 28, 2009

HeatherEve's Holiday Extravaganza: Recap

It was plenty hard to force myself out of bed this morning, but I am actually looking forward to a nice quiet day of work to help recover from our 4 days of Christmas. Four days! The weather actually ended up EXPANDING our celebrations, believe it or not. Here's the brief re-cap

Xmas Eve: shovel 8" of snow. Punch people who say "we didn't get hardly any accumulation." Tell neighbor who plowed our front sidewalk that he is my very favorite person in the world and I no longer care that his dog digs up my yard. Head up to northern 'burbs for Xmas #1, Mom's side. Ate much roast beef, ham, 30lbs of mashed potatoes...Mmmm. Let the food coma begin. Mom says "My plate is so pretty, you should take a picture! I oblige:

Forgot Grammy's super cute craftastic present. D'oh. Watching the snow pile up outside - could those flakes BE any bigger? Drive home = much suckage. 20 minute drive turns into 1 hour +. Visibility poor, roads awful.

Xmas Day: shovel 4" of HEAVY snow. OUCH! Power Shovel proves it's awesomeness. Head back up to northern 'burbs for my immediate family gift opening. Roads total disaster. See 6 cars in ditches, most with people still inside. Somehow make it to destination. Sister & new bro-in-law attend via Skype. Hilarity ensues:

Dad receives TWO Snuggies, dog receives one, and me & sis get giant footie pajamas. Apparently my family is chilly. Dole out our fun craftastic gifts. Receive some fun craftastic gifts. Head back out onto the roads - finally plowed! Yay! Head back to in-laws. Planned meal is re-scheduled as Wisconsin relatives are snowed in. Head to Buca instead. Have a FANTASTIC meal:



Even get a cupcake because my birthday is within a week!

Food coma continues. Hope this will be new tradition. Retire early.

December 26th: Additional Xmas #1, spend the morning wrestling Christmas trees back into their homes, wrapping and boxing up ornaments, trying to sort of create order.

Stubbed every toe, broke pinky nail below the bloodline. Found water seeping into basement. Not feeling very Christmas-ey. Suck it up and head to in-laws for rescheduled Christmas Dinner. Food coma continues:

Turkey, stuffing, twice baked potatoes, scalloped corn, sweet potatoes, cupcakes, cheesecakes...ZzzZzzZzz.

Think I might pop.

December 27, Xmas #4: Head up to the great north for Dad's side. Roads fine till last 8 miles. Trucks don't realize they can't stop on ice either - fly past me at 70 mph+. Fear for my life. Make it to grandma's! Biggest cheesecake I've ever seen, in a FULL SHEET PAN. Oops, haven't uploaded those photos yet :) Give grandma traditional gift of dog treats (also a sweater). Laugh at how fat "Bubby" is (that's the dog, not the grandma). Declare Christmas over. Head home to watch "Pawn Stars" marathon.


Hope you all had very happy holidays, welcome back to the real world :)

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