Thursday, July 30, 2009

The Wall of Unfortunate Demises

Here's another element from our 2008 "Hollywood Halloween" party. I love trivia and decided to incorporate some interesting factoids on strange Hollywood deaths along one whole wall.

My go-to application for graphic design is Powerpoint, it's just the easiest and most straightforward for me to crank stuff out it. I found a clip art image of a headstone and sized it for 11" x 17" paper (the largest my printer will take). I used a simple text box to personalize each with the name of a celebrity (past and present), their trade (actor, dancer, pope), and their method of untimely death.

I found them through Internet searches of "Strange Hollywood Deaths" and the like. Some of my favorites:

Peg Entwhistle - Actress - Suicide, jumped off the "H" in the Hollywoodland sign.

Elvis Presley - Musician/Actor - died on the toilet

Elizabeth Short - Actress - The Black Dahlia, murder victim

I think I printed out a couple dozen and just slapped them up on the walls with 3M strips (completely removable - no damage to the walls). The gold stars between the rows said "Unhappy Endings" or something like that :)

This was fun, I got into the "mood" of the party researching the deaths, and people got a kick out of reading them throughout the evening. You could also easily convert this to a game - matching, trivia, etc.

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