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Bachelorette Bingo

For my sister's bachelorette party the hostess asked me for any entertainment ideas I had, and I volunteered to come up with a game for the evening. I personally cannot stomach the "suck for a buck" type of games where the bachelorette encourages strangers to make sexual advances in return for money, or the variations of this "game" - and I KNOW she'd be pretty uncomfortable with them as well, but I also didn't want something completely vanilla and boring.

So I came up with Bachelorette Bingo, where everyone gets to participate (if they want to - nobody is forced) rather than just the bride, and everyone gets to choose their own level of participation rather than being "dared" or surprised with uncomfortable requests.

The idea was rather simple...but putting the cards together was surprisingly difficult! I kept finding sites that were SELLING lists of bachelorette dares, but few that had them for free, and of those, there were even fewer that I would ever consider doing (Sorry, as a married woman I just would never feel comfortable asking a guy for his man panties, money, or any physical contact. Who does this stuff?!?!?)

I went round and round looking for an acronym, and finally came up with "DIRTY!", that fit my theme and the categories worked out. Each column was a theme:

D= Drink, a list of alcoholic beverages and shots with graphic sexual names - no, I didn't invent these drinks, so don't blame me for the names (MOM!). You can find them on many Internet sites and in a lot of newer bartending books, I picked them up here.

I= Info, sort of like the "truth" category in Truth or Dare, where you share things about your own life & experiences.

R= Risque, as luck had it this was the shortest column (I put in the traditional free space), and that was great because it was the hardest for me to come up with ideas for. My problem is that I myself am not very risque, but didn't want to come across as completely boring, so some of these are even out of my comfort zone, but guess what? That's okay! You don't have to do any of them, and you can still win the game without doing anything from that category. I refused to put on anything illegal or dangerous or explicitly sexually harassing (you wouldn't believe how many of the pre-packaged games think its a good idea to dare people to grab/brush/fondle or otherwise inappropriately violate strangers! If these were males on females, I doubt it would be laughed off in the same way).

T= Talent, and I tried to mix these up. Singing, dancing, telling jokes, etc. I avoided acrobatics and anything that would piss off the waiters and waitresses too much (having been one for so long, I empathize when some idiot thinks its funny to dance on the bar).

Y= YF2B, do you get it? I had to resort to txtspeak, or license plate language for you older readers. Did you sound it out? WIFE - TO - BE! This category is all about celebrating the bride.

I made my bingo cards in powerpoint and sized them to fit 4" X 3" plastic badge holders, like the kind used at conventions. I picked up a couple packs of 10 @ Staples for around $4, and attached gold mardi gras beads I had on hand to be the neck straps. I did this with a few inches of gold foil ribbon, tied in a knot and then curled. This way people could keep them on and play throughout the night hands free, wouldn't lose them from bar to bar, and they were slightly waterproofed in the holders. I got small star stickers to mark the completed tasks - the bride was in charge of verifying all bingos. I also created a recipe card of all the dirty drink recipes so that confused bartenders had a resource if they hadn't heard of one before, and I tucked that in each pouch behind the bingo card. The final product was the picture at the top of this post.

I wasn't scientific in my randomizing of the tasks within the squares, but I did make sure each card was a little different. Here is one page of them (there were 3 pages for a total of 18 different cards, each page had slightly different tasks and within each page the tasks were in different squares).

The prizes for a bingo were the chocolate & peanut butter penis pops from my earlier post, and quite a few people went for them right away - it ended up being a fun ice breaker. We were also lucky to have a gorgeous night and patio seating, so good times all around.

***UPDATE: Bachelorette Bingo cards available now in my etsy shop! Click here.
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