Sunday, July 26, 2009

Bucket List

I've never seen the movie, but I like the idea. I am so horribly jealous of Maggie over at MightyGirl who somehow got Intel to "sponsor" her version of a bucket list, her "Mighty Life List." Can you imagine someone footing the bill for you to take time off and just follow your dreams? I can't even wrap my mind around that one, it must be amazing.

My dreams aren't quite as lofty as hers (I never even knew there WAS photo-luminescent plankton)but a few years ago I did put together my own list, and here are the first 100 things that came to mind. I've managed to check off a few items, even without a "sponsor." I hope to check off a few more by the end of the summer, including one to be announced this week! :) But you'll just have to wonder unil then...

Bucket List
In no particular order, 100 things I think I should try before I die…
Number Item Date Accomplished
1 Start my own business
2 Have a child
3 Wax my eyebrows-Feb 2009
4 Get a full makeover
5 Paint something on a canvas
6 Take a class at the actual Wilton School
7 Speak Swedish in Sweden
8 Go to a Hot Air Balloon festival
9 Write something that gets published
10 Learn how to make stained glass
11 Re-tile my bathroom
12 Learn to take great photos and get a “real” camera
13 Sew my own clothes
14 Make a quilt
15 Makeover an entire room in my house
16 Buy a piece of “real” jewelry
17 Serve as Grand Marshall in a parade
18 Try a bikini wax
19 Have elective surgery
20 Get a pedicure
21 Attend a charity ball
22 Sky dive
23 Buy a brand new car
24 Take a road trip without an itinerary
25 Cook a turkey
26 See the Martha Stewart Show live
27 Start a craft club
28 Blog publicly-June 2009
29 Learn to knit
30 Give a surprise party
31 Get a surprise party
32 Leave an anonymous $100 tip to make someone’s day
33 Win a costume contest
34 Gamble in Vegas
35 Watch a jazz funeral parade in NOLA
36 Be part of a cookie exchange for the holidays-Dec. 2009
37 Go to Hawaii
38 Sleep on a beach
39 Join a “bouquet of the month” club
40 Win a big prize
41 Go on a roller coaster tour
42 Get a full back tattoo-Spring 2009
43 Have a garment custom made-Mermaid Sundress - Spring 2009
44 Commission a painting or other artwork
45 Graffiti
46 Get a passport
47 Be an extra in a movie or TV show
48 Have zero credit card debt
49 Run on a spinning log like in lumberjack competitions
50 Own “land” somewhere
51 Donate a chunk of hair to locks of love
52 Feel financially stable
53 Hang Xmas lights around the outside of my house
54 Have Halloween yard decorations that draw a crowd
55 Ride in a limo
56 Find the perfect “little black dress”
57 Make an elaborate gingerbread house
58 Learn how to work with rolled fondant
59 Go to the mermaid parade at Coney Island-June 2009
60 Get a master’s degree
61 Participate in a poetry slam
62 Build a full size playhouse/treehouse
63 Trace my full family tree as far back as possible
64 Be proud of my government
65 Visit every state in the U.S.
66 See a professional production of “Blood Brothers”
67 Be a bridesmaid or matron of honor Aug. 2009
68 Start an Xmas tradition and carry it on forever
69 Host an exchange student
70 Have a photo taken of myself that I really like
71 Donate blood, plasma, a kidney or part of my liver
72 Make a legal will
73 Sleep in a castle
74 Open an Etsy shop
75 Get an embroidery machine
76 Perform in a play
77 Coach a state champion
78 Go to a fun convention – candy, tattoo, crafting, etc.
79 Own a giant bathtub you can actually soak your whole body in
80 Have a real (snail mail) pen pal
81 Have a signature recipe for something
82 Host a party with a live band
83 Buy CDs, bonds, and other secure investments
84 Diet
85 Go to SXSW
86 Join a protest
87 Fly on a trapeze
88 Learn how to silk screen
89 Own a set of “Barnes & Noble chairs”
90 Go to a film festival
91 Collect seashells on a beach
92 Whiten my teeth
93 Eat a multi-course meal at a fancy restaurant
94 Go geocaching
95 Organize my important documents
96 Keep records – create my history
97 Surf
98 See the Northern Lights (not the casino, the natural phenomenon)
99 See an opera, a ballet, and Cirque de Soleil
100 Get my car detailed

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