Saturday, July 11, 2009

I promised more bachelorette crafts - so watch out!

Here is the 2nd (and most graphic - I warned you!) installment of my bachelorette treats, penis pops!
(once again, my mother is cringing...but these were a huge hit!)
They were awarded as prizes for the "bachelorette bingo" game, and were made much the same way as the cupcake toppers I already described.

First, I melted the peanut butter candy melts and piped each cavity about 1/3 full. I carefully spread the peanut butter so that it covered the whole mold with the "fleshy" color - as shown on the right side of this picture.

I let that start to set up, and then melted chocolate wafers in the same fashion. I filled the cavities the rest of the way full and then set in the paper sucker sticks. I rolled the sticks slowly to be sure they were entirely covered in chocolate, and then popped the molds in the fridge to chill - looking like the left side of this photo.

The mold was quite "detailed" and I think the end result is pretty shocking - but perfect for a bachelorette party! If you really wanted to get fancy, you could add even more detail by painting with a clean brush dipped in melted colored chocolate, add toasted coconut "hair", or go the other route completely and try a rainbow of less realistic colors.

The chocolate & peanut butter combo was actually pretty tasty, and I did a few just plain chocolate as well. I'm not a huge fan of the vanilla candy melts - I think they taste like vanilla frosting which is fine for a bite, but absolutely not a whole candy sucker - but you could use the same layering technique I did above to add in a more flavorful candy - I've seen cherry, chocolate, and mint candy melts, or even crispie puffed rice would be good.

I'd say these were a big hit, and a pretty easy/cheap bachelorette party favor or prize.

Next bachelorette party in a month, so stay tuned!

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