Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Get this party started...

Here is the mock up of the bachelorette party invites I just put together! Though the lighting is terrible, I'll remind you that the colors are brown & teal ("pool" to be precise). I'm going for a sort of "Sex and the City" vibe. There will be a Carrie Bradshaw shoe-related quote on the top, the silver rub ons I featured previously on a brown circular medallion with a striped ribbon band, and then the party details below the band. They will all be printed in brown directly on the teal card stock. The back of the invite will just have a full teal panel with all of the party details - addresses, parking, hotel, etc.

How great is that high heel shoe punch? Those are punched through the teal so that the brown shows through, and then they are adorned with a jeweled sticker. Adorable! I think this sets the tone for a classy fun ladies' night out, don't you?

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Mindy said...

Super cute! I'll bet you get a lot of use out of the shoe punch... Great investment!!