Friday, October 01, 2010

NOLA Costume Ideas: Magical Madames and Mystical Men

You don't have to go supernatural to control the magic of New Orleans, there are plenty of mystical misters & mavens of the more human variety. Consider these costume ideas:

Fortune Tellers:

Whether it's tarot, palmistry, or looking deep into your crystal ball, a fortune teller is an easy costume to put together often from your own closet. But for the sake of ease, let's start with the costume chain stores' "elite" fortune teller ensemble:

$119.99 @ BuyCostumes

Definitely recognizable, and all in one box, but you don't need to shell out nearly that much dough to get a similar look. Find a peasant skirt (also try searching hippie, broomstick, or gypsy skirt), such as this one for just $0.99 on ebay (+4.75 shipping):

Add a poet shirt from an old pirate costume or second hand store (or the 90's, were you the unfortunate dresser I was at the time...), like this one for $19.99 at Factory Card Outlet/Amazon:

Wrap a scarf around your hair and maybe another around your waist, and accessorize with all of your gold jewelry and hoop earrings, maybe some dark and mysterious eye makeup and long lashes. For added impact, carry a crystal ball or tarot deck.

Guys, maybe you want to go a little Johnny Carson/Carnac, for a more humorous version:

Black pants, black turtleneck, and just the over the top hat makes the whole look.

If you're out of time or not feeling crafty, Here's an off-the-rack ready to go costume with a little twist - it even includes the fortune telling BOOTH! Clearly a take on the Zoltar machine in the movie "Big", though it could work equally for a male or female:

$59.99 @ Amazon

VooDoo Priests & Priestesses:

Here's the mass-produced "voodoo man" costume available this year:

(multiple sources, including $59.99 at Kmart) I think it looks pretty good in the photo, but I can't tell if the skeleton top is part of the jacket (in which case it is included) or not (in which case it isn't.) This version DOES come with the hat/mask though, and some I've seen do not, so read the fine print carefully when you order.

I actually have a men's voodoo jacket (shorter like a blazer, printed with skulls) if anyone wants to borrow it this year - let me know. Hubby went a different direction, and his costume is already ordered.

But don't think the dark arts are only for the men, in fact NOLA has a history of very powerful sorceresses , capture their essence with a costume like Tia Dalma from the Pirates of the Caribbean:

This one leans a little more towards the skanky/naked line of costumes that are so popular these days (I blame you, Leg Avenue) but I kind of love the skull print so I'm showing it anyways. And if you have the curves to pull this off, you should totally wear it (I have curves, but not in any of the right places):

$57.99 at Target The dreads are NOT included.

Really the voodoo priestess is a darker version of the fortune teller above, so you could follow the same general idea with a flowy skirt or dress, but choose a blood red, black, or deep purple color. Accessorize with lots of skulls, talismans, voodoo dolls, and potion jars. The Dollar Tree is a great source for cheap plastic bones, skulls, and skeletons you can transform into necklaces, weave into your hair, and probably shove through your nose if you are dedicated enough.

VooDoo Dolls:

This next category isn't exactly human (or alive), but I couldn't help noticing this fun homemade version of a voodoo doll posted on craftster:

(lots more photos and info about making it on the thread)

and I LOVVVVVVVE this darker version of a voodoo doll and priest, as shown in Threads Magazine:

Hope you have your wheels turning - less than a month until you're strolling down Bourbon Street!

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