Monday, October 11, 2010

Lest you think I'm a complete downer...

Super HAPPY things this week

- Monster cookies from Mom! Was going to take a photo to post...but I couldn't wait to eat it for breakfast...I have a lot in common with this guy:

- 3rd trimester becomes official - and we're under 100 days till the babe makes her appearance! Holy cats! And dogs! And kicks to my bladder, oh my! In honor of this (and my increasing forgetfulness) I've posted a ticker on the very bottom of this page showing you the approximate size of my fetus in fruit and vegetables. Because apparently that's what all the cool mommies do. And I'm slightly frightened of both babies and veggies, so maybe this will be like desensitization therapy.

 BabyFruit Ticker

- Lemonade, my first prego love, is OUT (due to the roaring of heartburn it brings on), but Mandarin oranges are totally in! Yay for finding a snack I love, crave, and generally keep down without issue - ahh, light syrup, I drink you happily:

- Martha's Halloween Show was on last night, and forgive me for loving her totally wooden and cheesy "acting," but it cracks me up. Not a ton of new ideas, but it's sort of a Halloween tradition for me, like others watch "The Great Pumpkin" :)

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