Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Bedtime Stories

Last night was a "last supper" of sorts, since my gestational diabetes test is tomorrow I have a whacked out idea that if I avoid sugaring-it-up for 24 hours or so I might have a chance of passing. By all accounts my eating patterns today wouldn't really change anything, if I have GD I have it (and a 12 lb baby to look forward to) but if it makes me feel better, we'll go with it. While I've managed to blissfully cope with the idea of labor (mostly through denial) the thought of a strict bland diet for the next 3 months sends me fully over the edge into despair.

For my "last supper" hubby and I went with apple crisp. Not for dessert, just apple crisp for dinner. With vanilla Hagen Daz ice cream. Actually, its probably more healthy than my McDonald's lunch was (banner day, in retrospect - where do I get my mommy of the year award?), what with all the fruit & calcium and lack of deep frying...And in an interesting twist of fate, the apple crisp didn't result in any heart burn. Could that mean a full night of sleep???

Um, no, of course not. First there was the midnight potty break (and cursing myself for not turning on the heat once again, since I was perfectly cozy under my blankets, but the thought of leaving them for the chilly night air was not appealing). Then there was the 4am bloody nose, and the resulting quest for Kleenex, made all the more sporting by my reluctance to turn on a light and not being conscious enough to find my glasses. Pretty sure I let the dog out around that time too, and hopped around freezing on the porch until he was done sniffing the perimeter of the fence before heading back to bed. Exhausted. And that's about when the aching in my hips reached epic proportions so that I was flopping from one side to the other about every 30 minutes. Till I overslept. And thus today I feel like I got hit by a truck.

I'm ready for my happily ever after now!

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