Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Time Out:

My husband has to remind me all too often this time of year that "Halloween is supposed to be FUN!" It's not that I don't love having my party, and egotistically soaking up all the "oohs and ahhs" at the decor and food (I seriously eat that up. Feel free to gush all you want. It validates my efforts :) but sometimes as the date nears, and the panic grows, I focus way too much on what I'm not going to get to or what isn't the way I want it to be.

So yesterday I declared a TIME OUT! Mission: don't forget to ENJOY Halloween!

Step one: giant gooey graveyard cookie from Byerly's:

Can I say again how thankful I am that I passed my glucose test? :)

Hope you're all enjoying your Halloween preparations! I know I'm really looking forward to seeing all my guests in costume (almost nobody has told me what they are going as this year, so lots of surprises ahead!), reconnecting with some people I don't see too often, and making my neighbors wonder once again just who moved in to our quiet little house :)

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