Friday, October 22, 2010

Thursday night = craft night

Thursday nights are my "forced" crafting night, since our DVR is full of colliding "can't miss" shows. So in order to catch Vampire Diaries (not-so-secret shame) I head up to my craft room (AKA, "the witches' tower") to watch it on the non-cable equipped TV. While I'm up there, I might as well get a few things accomplished, right? So last night I took about 20 of these:

and turned them into potion and ingredient bottles for the voodoo room. I'll post some pics after the party, not ready to give it all away quite yet.

Then I "repurposed" some foam tombstones, painting over the goofy names & puns I had previously scrawled on them, so that I can add some more "theme appropriate" names to the cemetary this year...for inspiration I'll consult this video:

Then I assembled some Mardi-Gras place cards to label each of the yummy dishes I'm serving, before heading back downstairs to place a ton of these guys:

all around the voodoo room, drape the walls in fabric and scary artifacts, and otherwise make it into an anti-nursery. I fully intend to crash after this party, but hopefully I'll have enough energy left to restore Cupcake's room to a more baby-friendly status!

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