Monday, October 11, 2010

Things that made me cry this weekend: TGI Fridays

Okay, it's not that hard to do right now, and more often than not seems to relate to food issues - specifically I think I've cried when the husband threw out my raspberry compote, when we ran out of milk, and again this morning when I accidentally dropped half a cookie in the garbage can while taking the trash out. But Sunday's "incident" was a little more serious:

I am a picky eater. Add in the pregnancy, which removes the joy & ease of caffeine and lunch meat from the equation, along with most red-sauces (heartburn), citrus drinks (including lemonade now - boo hoo hoo!) and there are about 6 things left on the menu that I'll stomach. Near the top of my preferences was TGI Friday's Gourmet Mac & Cheese, which I hadn't had all pregnancy (there was some discussion of whether or not the Gorgonzola was pasteurized, but I've yet to find any used in American restaurants that isn't, plus it's baked), until we set out there for dinner last night.

And then I cried a little.

Because it's no longer on the menu.

RIP, cheesy bacony awesomeness. I hope that you and the Oreo ice cream sandwich are up in Friday's heaven somewhere sipping pina coladas.

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