Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Voodoo on the Bayou

After a less efficient weekend than I had hoped, I finally made some more progress on the Halloween party last night! I don't want to give everything away, but a few sneak peeks:

First up I stopped at the Goodwill again (this time a different one - MN people, the University Avenue Goodwill has a TON of extra Halloween costume stuff out!) since Sundays & Mondays are 50% off days for whatever color price tag is selected that week (yesterday was yellow, in case that matters to you - and today all yellow tag items are just $1.49). I scored some major deals:

- three giant lengths of fabric (not shown - they are going in the wash first), one purple which will be a table cloth, one dark teal and one black which will probably add ambiance to the voodoo shop - $2.99 each

- a blue sparkly wide scarf/table runner, also for the voodoo shop (not shown)- $1.99

- an awesome heavy decanter for just $6.99

- 2 tall silver taper candle holders (one shown) for $6 total (yellow tag!)

- small round vase for $0.24 (yellow tag!)

- a giant 10" glass vase (yellow tag!) $3.49

- little crystal looking candy dish on a pedestal $1.99

- new in package Venetian hand mask $0.99 (not shown)

- two creepy framed art pieces (one shown) $9 total (one was yellow tag!)

Most of this stuff is going into the "voodoo shop" scene...aka, the room formerly (and very temporarily) known as our nursery. It no longer looks at all childlike, unless your child is demon spawn. This is where our Psychic will read palms and tarot cards, and I wanted a creepy eclectic mix of potions, herbs, and artifacts. I hauled in a few shelves from other areas of the house, and after my shopping trip I spent a few hours hauling skulls, Gothic angels, and black crows down from storage. I finally feel like I have a start on at least one of the rooms! I still have a long way to go, and it was definitely a challenge getting up this morning, but I just *might* be able to pull this off :)

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