Thursday, October 28, 2010

The Final Countdown...

Today I'm wearing my Halloween socks, a Halloween T-shirt:

(it does cover my bump better than that, I didn't realize it was on wonky until AFTER the photo...remember I can't see what's on the underside of it! Including my shoes!)

and a big ol' jack-o-lantern smile, because it's "my Friday!" Tomorrow I'm taking off work to go wild on party preparations (I have a very detailed 4-page "to do" list), and I'm actually in pretty good shape.

Last night I finished everything that was on my list for Monday - Wednesday, so I'm right on track (taking into consideration the things I had to cut for time/budget/weather reasons - such as if had I put outside decorations up, they'd have been blown into Kansas this week, so that all got scrapped). I'm feeling pretty okay as of today, despite spending the night listening to things fall off the wall in the bathroom (Gator Shack needs some repair).

On the list tonight is the final shopping trip for the perishables - bananas and the like - and then I hope to get a start on stashing all the unused props & decorations back up in the witches' tower (BTW - having an attic craft room is awesome when you are sitting up there working...not quite as awesome when you are hauling stuff up and down a full steep set of stairs 300 times. But I still love it).

Tomorrow will be a full day of cleaning & baking, and Saturday will be a blur of boarding the dog, picking up the prepared food, plugging in lights, a few (hopefully easy) cooking projects, and turning on about 2000 battery operated candles. Wish me luck!

I plan to post a lot of photos and tutorials after the event, so check back if you are interested. So far I've had a lot of fun with the N'awlins theme, and I am DYING to see what my creative guests put together for costumes this time around. I'm even pretty happy with mine, despite its last-minute creation. I'm excited to try some new foods (beignets, pralines, bananas foster - not sure if I'll be daring enough to try the gumbo or jambalaya), and just enjoy the evening with friends. We have far too few parties these days.

Hope your Halloween is a howling success...


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