Wednesday, October 20, 2010

NOLA Costume Ideas: From the Swamp - Bayou Babes & Handsome Hillbillies

So I titled the party "Romp in the Swamp" and then sort of abandoned the slimy bayou in favor of NOLA's more urban side, be it the sparkly fun of Mardi Gras or the dark appeal of vampires. Clearly this was unintentional, and to remedy the situation, here are some costume ideas for swamp-romping folk:

Couple's Costume: Shotgun Wedding


A pregnant bride - whether your bump be real or padding - is easy to put together. Goodwill stores are teeming with wedding dresses right now, but even a white sundress will do - after all, it's sort of a "spur of the moment" event, right? A chunk of tulle makes a cheap and effective veil, a bunch of weeds or dead flowers can be your bouquet, and you can find hillbilly teeth or tooth blacking makeup at most Halloween stores right now. Don't worry about shoes, barefoot works best.

Your groom has several options - he could dress traditionally, and just look terrified all night, preferably with a backwoods father-in-law prodding him on with a shotgun. Or he could also don some hillbilly finery, such as Seal did for he & Heidi's "Trailer Trash" vow renewal:


He's sporting shorts, a mullet wig, and several mismatched shirts. Also highly appropriate would be the classic overalls, or if you have the "build" for it, how about these fancy pants:


If you're not into assembling your own outfit, here's the "off the rack" costume version:

- seems to be out of stock/discontinued on a lot of sites, but you might have luck on Ebay or Amazon.

Other backwoods fringe folk:

Apparently there's a TV show called "Swamp People" featuring these guys:


The overalls seem to be key.

Or how about a gator wrestler:


You could get one of these pool toys and battle it all evening:

$13.95 at Ebay

Of course, people aren't the only inhabitants of the bayou...

Creatures of the Swamp:

$24.49 on

This guy seems to be available at a lot of the larger retailers - Kmart, ToysRUs, etc:

If you're feeling more inspired, here's an incredible step-by-step tutorial on becoming this guy:

find the details here.

Here's a good blog post with links to inspiration & shopping sites with swamp monster pieces.

11 days till Halloween, just 10 until my party - definitely time to get hopping if you're still on the fence about a costume!

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