Monday, October 18, 2010

The glass is half full...of milk...with a Tums chaser :)

Things I did wrong this weekend:

- thought a few dips of cheese bread in pizza sauce couldn't possibly give me raging heartburn...till I was up from midnight - 4am praying for a quick death.

- assumed the pizza sauce was the culprit of said heartburn disaster, and there was no harm in finishing the cheesebread by itself the next day...turns out, the garlic alone is perfectly capable of causing great pain. If this keeps up, I fully expect my child to look like Rapunzel.

- figured that with my new pregnancy blood volume (150% of a normal person) and the space heater growing in my belly, I'd be plenty warm on a 39 degree evening without the heat on. And then I woke up shivering violently at 4am, contemplating any and all alternatives to leaving my blankets for a potty break.

Funny how they all result in a significant lack of sleep :) Oh well, guess if I can wean myself off of needing rest now, it'll all be easier later, right?!?!

And now that the negatives are out of the way, can I please get one of these:

Actually, I might need five or six of them, because there were a helluva lotta things I did RIGHT this weekend too! WHOO HOO! Namely:

- Finally returned leftover invitation materials to Michael's...after driving them around in my car for a month!

- Battled the "free sample Saturday" crowd at Costco to scoop up the savory dips for my party (lobster spread and spinach dip, yum!), as well as Christmas gifts for all the nieces - double "to do list" success!

- Made a list of all the serving utensils & dishes I need for the Halloween party and borrowed most of it from my mother (I love that she has a whole drawer of ladles. And another one of trays. And a whole cupboard for chafing dishes).

- Stopped by Cajun Potluck to put a down payment on the Cajun catering, as well as snag some Cajun BBQ sauce and Cajun seasoning for other dishes I'm making.

- Threw a Mardi Gras parade in my living room. 9 1/2 hours of work and the decorating is *mostly* that first room. As usual, my plan was much more time consuming than I had thought, but it's off to a good start. Now if only I had a few more weekends...and could still take ibuprofen for my aching back...

I'm realistic in doubting I'll get much accomplished this evening, in general Mondays are just about survival for me right now :) But with only one more weekend to actually work (and one of those days already tied up) I'll have to push through some of these evenings and pick up the pace. Only 12 days left!!!!


I totally forgot to mention I solved 1/2 of my costume crisis! Goodwill to the rescue once again, I scooped up a $20 ballgown, grabbed some accessories at Party City, and I'm on my way to a classic Mardi Gras Ball outfit :) Whoo hoo!

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