Thursday, October 14, 2010

Preliminary Menu Sneak Peek: The "real" food

Can I get a drumroll? Or maybe a first line jazz parade? (I'm not really sure what that is, but I saw it on one of the few episodes of "Treme" I watched, so I know it's something N'awlins related). After much hard work and deliberation, I think I've finally narrowed down my menu, and assuming that it all works and I can stay awake long enough to pull it off, here are my preliminary plans for the "real" food (sweets sneak peek still to come) :

Chicken & Sausage Jambalaya

Crawfish Gumbo

Cajun pork sandwiches

Hush puppies

Cajun potato wedges*

Confetti rice*

Cheddar biscuits*

Veggies & creole mustard dip*

*denotes vegetarian dish

What do you think? It will be partially catered, and partially prepped by my loving hands, and of course subject to vetoes and adjustments as the party nears, but I think I have a pretty good spread going! Two things I've tried to improve on each year are:

#1 focusing more on food than sweets, though everyone loves the sweets and I feel more confident making them, it's the non-sugary dishes that really go first,


#2 really spending time crafting the menu according to the theme. This was a little scary with Cajun cuisine, which I don't think I've ever tasted, but I think this could work! And I even managed to find some good vegetarian options for my meat-challenged friends! :)

Check another big item off my planning list!

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