Monday, November 01, 2010

What come after Fat Tuesday? Sleepy Wednesday? Catatonic Thursday?

Where to even start?!?!? It was a crazy weekend. From the moment I left work on Thursday till five minutes before guests walked in Saturday night I was running around like an angry chicken trying to get things ready. And mostly, they worked out just fine. Other than a cheesy-biscuit burn on my knuckle and a split fingernail from turning off 200 battery powered candles, I am still alive, whole, and remarkably relaxed now :)

"Romp in the Swamp 2010: A Louisiana-Style Halloween Party" is ready for the scrapbook, and I'll be doing a series of posts on all the little details in the upcoming weeks, but today my mind is pretty mushy, so I'll just leave you with one pic - my friend "Rude Barb" of the North Star Roller Girls (Banger Sister # 3.14) had her first bout on the same night as the party, but somehow after all the brawling and burning rubber she still managed to stop by! It was late and people were drifting off, so her costume didn't get nearly the attention it deserved by that point. In case you missed it, here's her being eaten by a "sharktopus" (that's a shark with 8 tentacles. Duh).

My guests are the best :) Thanks to all of you who made the evening so much fun, there will be much more to come in recaps!

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