Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Valentine Sneak Peek:

I've been waiting to share these cards until I send them out, but I'm terrible at keeping secrets and I really want something cute to post. This person leads a fast-paced commuter lifestyle, so I know she won't read my blog and ruin her surprise (unless she maybe checks it while stuck in the airport - in that case, Hi J! Check your mail!) So here is a sample of the Valentine cards I made during the DiGiorno party a couple weeks back - they're so cute! These are scans, so the color doesn't pop as well as a photo, and the glitter is a little funny looking, but you get the basic idea:

They're more "assembled" than created, the main pieces are from a pack of paper embellishments I found at Michael's. They were adorable and glittery, which made them basically irresistible, and I'm so glad I scooped them up! I used double-stick tape to adhere the pre-printed/glittered cut outs to textured colorful cards. I even embellished the insides:

I'm still no good at stamping, so I stuck with paper punches and I love the simple, slightly retro look. Just doin' my part to keep the USPS in business :)

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