Monday, February 01, 2010

Resolution Update:

One of my goals this year was to bring my lunch more often, mainly to help control my budget. Going out for lunch costs a minimum of $6 if I go fastfood, $10-$14 after tip if I go to a sit down place or even Noodles & Co. Sticking to fast food isn't a good option either, even if it's cheaper I'm assuming the clogged arteries and excess fat grams will eventually take their toll. So, how have I been doing? Not bad. Perhaps better than expected:

First I should say that I'm currently enforcing this rule only M-W-F, because on Tuesdays and Thursdays I leave my "normal" job early to head off to my coaching gig, and usually have to eat in the car. I feel this entitles me to swing through a drive through, at least for a while.

So, the first Monday of January I failed, and as I struggled into work bleary eyed with a holiday hangover, lunch was not even a thought in my head. So I ordered a pizza. But then I ate the leftover pizza for lunch the next two days, which I count as a win!

The next week I had a lunch meeting one day, and brought leftovers the other two - leftover shredded pork sandwiches from the weekend's memorial. The week after that I had Monday off, but brought lunch W & F, deli-style Lunchables that were on sale for under $2. And last week I came in after lunch one day and brought a meal the other 2 days - leftover pasta was one, and I just can't remember the other.

Today, to kick off February, I'm still looking strong! Despite my crazy busy weekend, I managed to grab oatmeal chocolate chip cookies and milk for breakfast (double win!), and a can of Spaghetti O's, two cherry cokes, a granola bar, and fruit snacks for lunch. I'm not saying they are the most balanced or healthy lunches, but they're MUCH cheaper and I don't have to brave the cold to go get them!

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