Monday, February 15, 2010

My Funny Valentine...

Don't let anyone tell you that you can't teach old dogs new tricks. On our 10th Valentine's Day together, my hubby continued his new trend of great (and completely unexpected) gifts with this beautiful locket:

He had actually given me a large and unique hand forged locket a few years ago that is GORGEOUS, but sadly it is not at all comfortable to wear - it turns out that the individually formed links have a point that scratches and catches, so I wasn't able to wear it that often. Hubby took that into account, and decided to replace it with this delicate silver one on a smooth chain. I still need to add photos:

He claims he went to several stores before picking this one out at Bibelot - I'm impressed! Thanks honey :) Love you lots!

By the way, my Valentine to him was Clue. Yeah, the board game. It's a long story...

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