Thursday, February 04, 2010

Is it Monday AGAIN?

I just sat through 3 hours of training that didn't apply to me, so now I'm in a very cross mood. But instead of grumping about the weather, my job, and how the rest of the planets have aligned against me; here are some cute things you should make in time for the Oscars on March 7th:

Bakerella's Oscar Cookies:

Invite me over to bite the heads off statuettes when our favorites are wronged by the Academy. And then take a shot every time someone mentions Haiti, Michael Jackson, or the thanking God. Trust me, you'll be passed out across the plasma screen before the RIP video of dead celebs even rolls. At my much more civilized Oscar party a few years ago we played a bingo game with similar triggers, though in my current mood alcohol seems much more likely.

Official nominations are listed here. I've seen exactly....none of these. That's not true, Harry Potter was nominated for some little award nobody cares about. But seriously, that's the only nominated movie I've seen out of all of them. Sheesh.

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